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Updating/clearing of element content


There are four general rules related to what sending an element or not means

  1. If an element is not allowed to be updated according to the specified BRS, the element is to be omitted. This will result in the element keeping its original value. If an invalid element is specified, the message will be rejected.
  2. If all values in a class (complex type in XSD) are to be kept, you can omit specifying the class. Alternatively you can specify the class with all current values.
  3. If the value of a single element (simple type in XSD) is to be cleared, do not specify the element. This also implies that to avoid having the value cleared, you must send the current value. Note that this rule only apply if the class the element is a part of is specified and also only if the element is relevant for the BRS as described in rule 1. Exception: BRS-NO-402 does not allow clearing elements. This means you are only to send the values you intend to change in a BRS-NO-402. 
  4. If a class is repeating (list), not specifying the class will keep all current repetitions, specifying at least one list element will replace the current list with the new list


Examples are from RequestUpdateMasterDataMeteringPoint. The numbering of the examples matches the numbering in the rules

  1. In BRS-NO-306 you are not allowed to specify the Meter Reading Characteristics element. This means it is not allowed to specify this element in this BRS.
  2. In order to keep all address information in a BRS-NO-302 you can omit the Metering Point Address class. Alternatively all elements within the Metering Point Address class which currently have values must be specified.
  3. In order to clear the Floor Identification in a BRS-NO-302, you must specify the Metering Point Address class and omit the Floor Identification element.
  4. If you are to keep the current Measurement Definitions in a BRS-NO-306, you can omit the class. If you are to change one Measurement Definition, you must specify all Measurement Definitions the metering point is to have after the change, not only the one to change.


Some elements that are initially optional cannot be cleared. In RequestUpdateMasterDataMeteringPoint, the Metering Point Address Cadastral class is optional. This means you can create a new metering point without any cadastral information in BRS-NO-121. But if the wrong cadastral information was specified, it will not be possible to remove it as not specifying the Metering Point Address Cadastral class means all underlying values are to be kept and if the class is specified, two of the values are mandatory and cannot be cleared.

Optional lists cannot be cleared as not specifying the list means all instances are to be kept, and when the list element is specified, there will be at least one mandatory element in it. This apply to communication information (email addresses and phone numbers) and measurement definitions.

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