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SYS-DDQ102-01 Start of supply - move in - in the future

Test IDSYS-DDQ102-01



The change date must be in the future

Metering point should have metering point status E22 (active) in Elhub


A new end user is created for the metering point

A new balance supply contract is created for the metering point

Test stepsExpected Result

1. Send BRS-NO-102 to Elhub

  • Message: RequestStartOfSupply
  • Document type: 392
Request is successfully sent

2. Receive ConfirmStartOfSupply to DDQ (optional)

  • Document type: 414
ConfirmStartOfSupply is received to DDQ

3. Receive NotifyStartOfSupply to DDQ after cancellation deadline

  • Document type: 414
NotifyStartOfSupply is received to DDQ
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