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SYS-DDQ101-01 Change of supplier

Test IDSYS-DDQ101-01



Metering point should have metering point status E22 (active) in Elhub

The metering point should have an active end user

The current balance supplier should not be the initiating balance supplier

PostconditionsA new balance supply contract is created for the metering point, linked to the initiating balance supplier and the end user 


Test stepsExpected Result
  1. Send BRS-NO-611 to Elhub
  • Message: RequestUpfrontMeteringPointCharacteristics
  • Document type: E10
Request is successfully sent
2. Receive ResponseUpfrontMeteringPointCharacteristics from Elhub
  • Document type: E07 
ResponseUpfrontMeteringPointCharacteristics is received to DDQ

3. Send BRS-NO-101 to Elhub

  • Message: RequestStartOfSupply
  • Document type: 392
Request is successfully sent

4. Receive ConfirmStartOfSupply to DDQ (optional)

  • Document type: 414
ConfirmStartOfSupply is received to DDQ

5. Receive NotifyStartOfSupply to DDQ after cancellation deadline

  • Document type: 414
NotifyStartOfSupply is received to DDQ




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