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SYS-DDM122-02 Activate metering point that is already active

Test IDSYS-DDM122-02
DescriptionActivate metering point that is already active and get a negative respons


PreconditionsMetering point must have metering point status E22 (active) in Elhub 

Metering point status is not changed

Test stepsExpected Result
  1. Send BRS-NO-122 til Elhub
  • Message: RequestUpdateMasterDataMeteringPoint
  • Document type: E58
Request is successfully sent
2. Receive negative acknowledgement to DDM
  • Document type: 294
  • Error code: EH042 - Metering Point is not inactive
Negative Acknowledgement is received to DDM
3. Verify that DDM's system is updated correctlyMetering point status is not changed
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