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This testcase use the Ediel portal as the balance supplier (DDQ)
If your system support both grid owner and balance supplier roles you can run testcase SYS-DDM102-04-B instead

Test IDSYS-DDM102-04-A
DescriptionSend a move in on an inactive metering point with StartOfSupply on todays date



Metering point should be consumption, non profiled and have metering point status 'Inactive' in Elhub


The metering point status is still 'Inactive' in Elhub and no new contract is created for the metering point in DDM's or DDQ's system

Test stepsExpected Result
  1. DDQ sends BRS-NO-102 to Elhub with StartOfSupply on todays date
  • The Ediel portal is operating as balance supplier (DDQ)
Request i successfully sent
2. DDM receives NotifyStartOfSupply from ElhubNotifyStartOfSupply is received to DDM
3. DDM sends RejectStartOfSupply with error code "EH095 - Metering point cannot be activated" to ElhubRejectStartOfSupply is successfully sent
4. Verify that DDM's system is updated correctlyMetering point is still inactive in Elhub and no new contract is created on the metering point in DDM's system
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