Elhub BRS identifications

BRS-NO-101Start of supply - change of supplier
BRS-NO-102Start of supply - move in - in the future
BRS-NO-103Start of supply - move in - back in time
BRS-NO-104Change of supplier from last resort
BRS-NO-111Rollback - start of supply
BRS-NO-121New metering point
BRS-NO-122Activation of metering point
BRS-NO-123New grid access contract - move in
BRS-NO-131Rollback of new metering point
BRS-NO-132Rollback of activation of metering point
BRS-NO-133Rollback of new grid access contract
BRS-NO-201End of supply due to move out
BRS-NO-202End of supply
BRS-NO-211Move out from metering point - from grid access provider
BRS-NO-212Deactivation of metering point
BRS-NO-213Removal of metering point
BRS-NO-214Deactivation of metering point with end user
BRS-NO-221Rollback of end of supply
BRS-NO-222Rollback of move out
BRS-NO-223Rollback of deactivation of metering point
BRS-NO-224Rollback of removal of metering point
BRS-NO-301Update master data - balance supplier
BRS-NO-302Update master data - grid owner
BRS-NO-303Request master data
BRS-NO-305Changes initiated by Elhub
BRS-NO-306Settlement type change
BRS-NO-311Metering reading and expected annual consumption from balance supplier
BRS-NO-312Reporting of metering values for profiled metering points
BRS-NO-313Reporting of metering values for non-profiled metering points
BRS-NO-314Reminders of metering values to metered data responsible
BRS-NO-315Request for metering values
BRS-NO-317Update expected annual consumption
BRS-NO-318Update grid loss parameters
BRS-NO-321Quality assurance - grid owner
BRS-NO-322Preliminary profiles consumption to to balance supplier
BRS-NO-324Request basis for settlement - balance supplier/responsible
BRS-NO-332Withdrawal of metering values for profiled metering points
BRS-NO-402Corrections of master data - from grid owner
BRS-NO-501Report structure data for imbalance settlement
BRS-NO-502Reporting data for imbalance settlement
BRS-NO-503Reporting data for reconciliation
BRS-NO-511Reporting produced volume to registry responsible elcertificates
BRS-NO-512Reporting quota obliged consumption elcertificates
BRS-NO-601Request to grid owner
BRS-NO-611Pre-switch check og metering point characteristics
BRS-NO-622Update 3rd party access
BRS-NO-623Overview of 3rd party access
POLLPolling of messages