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40 - Update Of Metering Point Collection - from Grid Access Provider

Update Of Metering Point Collection - from Grid Access Provider

This process is used to set up shared production for a group of metering points. Shared production is when one or more production or combined metering points share their production with one or more consumption metering points. The production/combined metering points will then be referred to as the contributors, and the consumption metering points as the participants. When setting up shared production the production channels on the contributors will be changed to not-settled, while the participants will be turned into combined metering points with a settled production channel. 

Sequence diagram Update Of Metering Point Collection

Messages Update Of Metering Point Collection

The messages used in the proccess are described below:


Class diagram

Element Name


Code list responsible


Business Process



Update Of Metering Point Collection

Message implementation guide

Ref: UpdateMeteringPointCollection

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