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All incoming messages to Elhub are validated in three steps:

  1. Validation against XML schema
  2. Validation av process specific rules 
  3. Validation against business rules

XML schema

Validation against XML schema. Structure, naming, sequence, data types and legal values (enumeration) are validated. If the validation fails, a "SOAP fault" (ref. SOAP Fault Definition in document Elhub Messaging Interface) is returned to the sender of the message. 

Process specific rules

Validation against process specific rules.  These validations are described in the document "Elhub BRS Prosesspesifikke Meldingsvalideringer" (only available in Norwegian).  Violation of these rules will be handled in the same way as violation of Business rules described below.    

Business rules

Business rules described in the Business Requirement Specification are applied to the incoming message. If the validation fails, a negative Acknowledgement message (Status 41-Rejected) is returned to the sender of the message except for RequestStartOfSupply and RequestEndOfSupply.  For these messages the messages RejectStartOfSupply and RejectEndOfSupply are returned as negative acknowledgement messages.

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