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XML namespaces are used for providing uniquely named elements and attributes in an XML document.
In Elhub message collaboration all XML instance documents must contain a namespace definition (xmlns) with prefix rsm in the root element.
The content of the namespace definition must be urn:no:elhub:emif:<Package>:<Message name>:<Major version>.

Package is one of the following:

  • market - Messages supporting the market processes 
  • masterdata - Messages regarding masterdata
  • metering - Messages supporting the metering processes
  • necs - Messages reporting data to the Norwegian Energy Certificate System. 
  • query - Messages regarding query processes
  • thirdpartyacces - Messages handling thirdparty access

Message name is one of the messages specified in Elhub messages - Overall.

Major version is the major version number of the message with prefix v.

In addition a namespace with prefix abie must be added in the root element with the following content:  urn:no:elhub:emif:common:AggregatedBusinessInformationEntities:<Major version>   
This in order to reuse business data types, aggregated business information entities and code lists in the messages. 

< rsm:RequestStartOfSupply xmlns:rsm= "urn:no:elhub:emif:market:RequestStartOfSupply:v1 xmlns:abie= "urn:no:elhub:emif:common:AggregatedBusinessInformationEntities:v1"……>
<rsm: Header >
              < abie:Identification >123e4567-e89b-12d3-a456-426655440000 </abie: Identification >

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