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Grid Access Provider request category

Code to indicate the main intent of the request to grid access provider.  
Note that the codes are NOT an enumerated list due to flexibility regarding adding or deleting codes.  Changes to the set of codes will be published on   
  • GAP_MASTERDATA      Requests regarding master data, requests to change master data, activation, change in settlement method, etc.
  • GAP_METERING            Requests regarding metering data
  • GAP_SETTLEMENT       Requests regarding calculations, invoices, payment, etc.
  • GAP_GRID                      Requests regarding the grid quality, ground fault, deactivation, etc.
  • GAP_KILE                       Requests for compensation for not delivered energy
  • GAP_INSTALLATION     Requests regarding installation, changes in installation
  • GAP_OTHER                  Other requests to grid access provider 
  • GAP_PERSONALDATA Requests containing personal data to be handled according to relevant privacy rules
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