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5 - Query - from Market parties

Query – from Market Parties

This process is used by the Balance Supplier/Balance Responsible/Party/Grid Access Provider/Third Party to query various types of data in Elhub. The QueryTypeCode element in the message (ref. Class diagram below) is used to specify the type of data the market parties are looking for.
The following query types are defined:

  • MVRV - Metering values, meter read and volume. Period and Metering Point ID must be included in the message.
  • MVTS - Metering values, time series. Period and Metering Point ID must be included in the message.
  • MVVT - Metering values, both meter read and volume and time series. Period and Metering Point ID must be included in the message.
  • MDCU - Masterdata, customer. Metering Point ID must be included the message.
  • MDMP - Masterdata metering point.
  • STLM - Settlement. Period and Metering Grid Area must be included in the message.  If BusinessType in the query is RE01 (ATAM) or RE02 (APAM) the message returned to the sender is PriceVolumeCombinationForReconciliation otherwise the message returned is NotifyValidatedDataForBillingEnergy.

Sequence diagram query – from market parties

The sequence diagram is identical for all market parties.  Balance supplier is used as an example.

Messages query – from Market parties

The messages used in the process are described below.


Code usage

Element name


Code list


Document Type



Query. Request information based on defined criteria.

Business Process



Request master data

BRS-NO-315ElhubRequest for metering values

BRS-NO-324ElhubRequest basis for settlement

Business Process Role



Balance Supplier



Balance Reponsible Party

DDMUN/CEFACTGrid Access Provider

MDRUN/CEFACTMetered Data Responsible

 SLRElhub Balance Supplier of Last Resort 

BSLElhubBalance Supplier for Losses


Message Implementation Guide
Ref. RequestDataFromElhub

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